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What We Do

Lupus LA provides services that enable people with lupus and their families to get the care they need and deserve. 

If you or someone you care about has lupus, let us help you. Contact us at or (310) 657-5667.

Find a Lupus LA Support Group

Lupus LA runs numerous support groups for people with lupus—for adults, kids, teens, Spanish-speakers, and more. Find the right group for you and get support, coping strategies, advice, and help from others with lupus.

Get One-On-One Support

People with lupus can schedule support meetings with our patient services manager to discuss non-clinical issues. Come talk about work, clinical trials, types of treatments, options for health coverage, and anything else you might need help with.

Figure Out How to Get the Best Medical Care  

Navigating healthcare and social service bureaucracies is no easy task. Lupus LA works with you to:

Apply for an Emergency Grant

Lupus LA’s Emergency Grant (LEG) program provides up to $500 annually to help a person with lupus pay for medicines, utilities and other pressing needs. Learn more

Learn More About Lupus through Programs and Workshops

Lupus LA keeps people up-to-date on lupus by holding and helping to sponsor educational conferences and workshops with scientific and health experts. Check our calendar for times and dates. Some of our most popular so far: a clinical trials conference and our annual “Latest on Lupus” patient conference.

Support Breakthrough Lupus Research in California and Nationwide

Join the Patient’s Voice for Lupus Research on Capitol Hill

Through its partnership with the Lupus Research Institute National Coalition of state and local lupus groups, Lupus LA advocates for funding, awareness, and action on Capitol Hill.

Promote Lupus Awareness and Early Diagnosis

In addition to putting out brochures and other materials about lupus around the city and nationwide, we’ve partnered with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office on Women’s Health and the Ad Council to get the word out about the risk for lupus among young women and minorities in particular. The PSA campaign has raised awareness of lupus nationwide.

Just for Kids and Teens

Pediatric Support Groups

Take part in Lupus LA’s unique support and education pediatric support sessions! Lupus LA hosts a support and education workshop for kids and parents affected by lupus and other rheumatic diseases on the first Saturday of every other month. Parents and kids are taught new coping skills to help them manage what can be a very confusing, isolating experience. Working with a facilitator, teens tackle issues such as self-esteem and social skills while parents learn strategies for helping their family to cope.  

Camp Opportunities

Painted Turtle
Lupus LA is providing 20 children with lupus (7 to 16) a unique summer camp stay at the “Painted Turtle” camp at Lake Hughes in California. Campers ride horses, take arts and crafts, swim, learn archery, and have the chance to take part in other kinds of traditional camp activities that can make summer so special. Learn more and find out how you can become involved in camp activities throughout the year. 
Learn more! Please follow this link to the Painted Turtle/Patient Programs page.

Find a Teen Peer Partner

Newly diagnosed teens often have difficulty adjusting to life with a chronic disease, so we’re training a cohort of teens to act as “peer supporters.” By pairing people up like this, we provide teens with lupus a crucial sounding board—a link to someone who “gets it.”

Also for Kids and Teens with Lupus:

Lupus Emergency Grants (LEG) Program
Lupus Emergency Grants (LEG) provide up to $500 annually for kids and teens to pay for medicines, utilities and other pressing needs.

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