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New Program to Help LA-area Families in Need

The S.L.E. Lupus Foundation’s Emergency Grant Program is coming to Los Angeles to assist local families afflicted with lupus and facing a crisis. Started in New York in 1997, the program provides up to $500 annually to help pay for medicines, utilities and other pressing needs. Thanks to the generosity of supporters at the 2008 Orange Ball, more than $235,000 was raised to establish the new Lupus LA Emergency Grant and Outreach Program. The ball really got rolling when Barry Kaye announced that he would match the first $100,000 collected.

Missing work because of overwhelming lupus fatigue, an unexpected flare or an extended hospital stay can force people with lupus to leave their jobs. While waiting for public assistance, immediate needs often aren’t met. Bills go unpaid, prescriptions go unfilled.

Later this year the program will become a component of Lupus LA’s patient service offerings, giving hope and meeting the needs of families facing overwhelming medical, social, and economic hard times. For more information, call Lupus LA at 310-657-5667.

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