Clinical Trial Evaluating First-in-Class Immunoproteasome Inhibitor, KZR-616 for in Lupus Nephritis

February 16, 2021

Kezar Life Sciences, Inc is now enrolling MISSION, a phase 2 study evaluating KZR-616, a selective immunoproteasome inhibitor in the treatment of active proliferative lupus nephritis.

The MISSION study is currently recruiting at multiple clinical trial sites in the United States. The trial is to evaluate KZR-616 to see if it can help people living with lupus nephritis. All participants in the study will receive KZR-616 once weekly through an injection at the clinic or in their home by a certified nurse for a period of 24 weeks. There will be a follow up period requiring monthly visits to the clinic for an additional 12 weeks, or study participants have the option of enrolling in an extension study to continue KZR-616 beyond the initial treatment period of 24 weeks.

You may qualify for the study if you:

  • are between the ages of 18 and 75 years of age
  • have lupus nephritis that has been confirmed by kidney biopsy (or willing to have confirmed by biopsy)
  • have proteinuria (protein in the urine)
  • are currently on standard therapy for LN of at least one immunosuppressant (mycophenolate mofetil, mycophenolic acid, azathioprine, tacrolimus, leflunomide, cyclosporin, methotrexate)

All study assessments, investigational drug, and procedures will be provided at no cost to participants.

If you are interested in participating or have any questions about the study, please email
clinicaltrials@kezarbio.com or visit www.kezarlifesciences.com/MISSIONstudy.


About KZR-616

KZR-616 is a first-in-class selective immunoproteasome inhibitor currently being developed for the treatment of severe autoimmune disorders, including lupus nephritis.

KZR-616 works by selectively blocking the immunoproteasome, a special cell structure found inside cells of the immune system. The immunoproteasome helps carry out an immune response against harmful foreign substances, such as bacteria and viruses. In autoimmune diseases, such as lupus nephritis, the immune system begins attacking the body’s own healthy tissues or organs. By blocking theimmunoproteasome, KZR-616 has the potential to inhibit many of the unhealthy drivers of the disease-triggering autoimmune response, while still keeping the body’s overall immune system working. Early clinical data and research indicates KZR-616 is well tolerated, with low evidence of immunosuppression.

KZR-616 is an investigational product and has not been approved for commercial use in the United States or any other country for any indication.