Guest Blogger Spotlight: About Sheba Family

August 30, 2019

In college, Sheba’s lifestyle was stressful; working and studying full time with an afterthought to being active and staying healthy. In June of 2006, she was diagnosed with Lupus and Nephritis following struggles with frequent fevers, joint/muscle pain, debilitating fatigue, visibly swollen lymph nodes, rashes and hair loss. Born and raised in Montreal, she soon moved to Southern California to be closer to her family and support system. After grappling with the side effects of strong medications and some tough love counselling from her sister, she started to take her health into her own hands and has spent the last decade avidly reading and educating herself on Lupus and general health topics.

Today, Sheba leads a very active lifestyle as a certified yoga instructor, scuba diver, tennis player, skier, runner, and global adventure traveler. Living well with lupus means healthy lifestyles changes and embracing social support. She is now working to give back to the community, advocate for Lupus ensuring awareness and funding for research. She has participated in several of Lupus LA’s awareness and fundraising events.

As a computer scientist, Sheba has spent the last 18 years working in a technical software role with the Quality and Manufacturing departments of Pharmaceutical companies by presenting software, training their teams and writing technical documents. She is also president-elect of a non-profit organization: Parenteral Drug Association, Southern California Chapter.