Cultivating Calm During COVID19: An “At-Home” Self Care Resource Guide

March 24, 2020


We know stress and anxiety from the spread of COVID19 deeply affects our community. During times like these, immune compromised individuals must be incredibly vigilant, which can cause even more anxiety. While this is a critical time for us all, we want you to know we are here to support you through this crisis. We’ve sourced a list of free resources, offered online or by app, that will help mitigate stress, decrease anxiety and create space for your wellbeing.

We will continue to add free resources as they come available to help you combat stress and create calm amidst the chaos. For support from our lupus community, we invite you to join our online support groups via Zoom. Lupus LA is also hosting Facebook Live Session with expert rheumatologists to answer your specific auto-immune questions. You can watch our first session with Dr. Swamy Venuturupalli here!

Check out these free online resources to help you connect with others, calm your mind and relax your body: 


Lupus LA’s Online Lupus Support Groups:

We are now offering NEW Digital Support Groups via Zoom. You can find an updated list of our upcoming online support sessions here.



Meditation Resources: 

These apps and websites are offering free meditation resources. 

  • Calm has curated a free collection of guided meditations, soothing lullabies and gentle movement guides.
  • Ten Percent Happier put together a sanity guide that offers guided meditations, as well as a series of talks relevant to our thoughts and feelings during this time. We recommend “Self Compassion for Stress” and “Basic Relaxation” to get started.
  • Simple Habit offers a selection of free meditations that are all related to managing fear and anxiety around the coronavirus. You can access their list here.
  • Never meditated before? Don’t worry! This helpful 6-minute beginner’s guide from Deepak Chopra will help you learn the basics.



Qigong – Gentle Movement Exercise: 

Qigong is a centuries old practice rooted in Chinese medicine that connects body posture, movement and mindfulness to promote wellbeing, calm and health. 

Studio Classes: 

These studios are offering free streaming exercise content. These are being offered to members and non-members. 

  • Core Power Yoga is giving everyone access to a collection of online yoga classes for the duration of the pandemic. 
  • Life Time has offered on demand cardio, yoga and strength classes. 
  • 305 Fitness put together a collection of 20 at home workout videos on YouTube.