Meet Dr. Schroeder: Helping Lupus Patients Breathe Easier

January 22, 2016

schroeder 3For this week’s blog post, we are spotlighting Cedars-Sinai pulmonologist, C. Andrew Schroeder, MD.  Dr. Schroeder, or as his friends call him, Drew, has been a dedicated member of the Lupus LA team.  He has presented at our patient conferences, he sits on the Medical Advisory Board and treats numerous patients with lupus.

Dr. Schroeder became interested in lupus and Lupus LA through his longtime friendship with Dr. Daniel Wallace.  Dr. Schroeder met Dr. Wallace d
uring his Pulmonary/Critical Care Fellowship when he looked after Dr. Wallace’s patients.  Since that time, Dr. Schroeder has developed a strong commitment to patients with autoimmune disease and a close relationship with Lupus LA.

As a pulmonologist, Dr. Schroeder cares for many lupus patients, including Lupus LA’s Chairman, Adam Selkowitz.  Adam had nothing but praise for Dr. Schroeder, “As a lupus patient with pulmonary involvement, I can honestly say that Dr. Schroeder is a breath of fresh air.  His attention to detail, genuine care and concern, and deep understanding of my illness is both comforting and lifesaving.  He has significantly improved my quality of life and at the same time has been a tireless advocate for others with lupus and for Lupus LA and the programs we provide.”

Lupus LA is honored to work so closely with Dr. Schroeder and we greatly appreciate people like Dr. Schroeder who help make living with lupus a little easier.

To learn more about Lupus LA’s Medical Advisory Board, please Click Here.