Welcome Into the Loop

August 14, 2015

Welcome “Into the Loop” – Lupus LA’s new interactive blog. We are excited to have you here! We will share weekly blog posts throughout the year on various topics about living with lupus. Our goal is to share, inform, inspire, and empower you to help you live your best life! Together, we can share, learn, and grow!

Our weekly blog posts will include topics on sun protection, daily living tips, inspirational quotes, easing joint and muscle pain, preparing for doctor visits, holiday help, coping with a flare, yoga, exercise, lupus and the kidneys, relationships, advocacy, caregiver resources, clinical trials, research, nutrition, general support, and much-much-more! Our weekly blog posts will also include an inspirational quote of the week to help encourage you and to help keep you motivated.

We will have guest bloggers, patients, doctors, medical experts, and caregivers all contribute to this blog. They will share their expertise and experiences. Please let us know what topics you would like to see included in this blog. We are excited to take another step forward in building our strong Lupus LA community!

We look forward to seeing you next week! We will share our first topic: Living with Lupus: But you don’t look sick! Until then, take excellent care of yourself and do your best to find the joy in each day.


Take care,

Katherine McMahon
Program Manager
8383 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 232
Beverly Hills, CA 90211