Living with Lupus

Lupus is unpredictable with symptoms coming and going, mimicking other illnesses and sometimes threatening major organs. This unpredictability brings with it a host of emotional, psychosocial and lifestyle issues. Living with Lupus explores these issues and offers advice on how to manage them.

My Turn / Lupus LA Members Speak Out
Health Has a History
by Barbara DeWitt

My Turn / Lupus LA Members Speak Out
A Body in Motion Tends to Stay in Motion
by Gwenn Sayer


Spotlight: Board Members Michelle and Alan Kaye
“The strides that Lupus LA has made in raising both funds and awareness are remarkable.”

Volunteers of the Year!
Our incredible volunteers help keep our office organized and are crucial to the success of our fundraising efforts and support groups.

The Rescue
Not many people understand lupus or how one’s life changes with a chronic illness. But animals, with their mysterious sixth sense, can affect even more than the most sensitive humans.


Spotlight: Board Members Debbi and Roger Cowan
“We are so very fortunate to have Lupus LA, where we can channel our need to help our daughter and others who endure the unpredictable nature of lupus.”

Support Groups in LA
“If I can help someone else cope, it’s a good day.”

Advice Column: “Exercise and Lupus”
For more lupus resources, explore the lupus library section.