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Living with Lupus: What You Should Know About the Sun

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Did you know?   Sixty-seventy percent of lupus patients report that they suffer irritation or achiness after being in the sun. If you have been out in the sun and feel particularly achy that evening, remember that the cause may be too much sun. And while this may seem unfair, remember that everyone who is health-conscious […]

Living with Lupus: “But you don’t look sick!”

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Most people with lupus show few truly noticeable signs of the illness. Some may have a rash that comes and goes; a very few may suffer arthritis that is noticeable (this rarely happens early on), and those who are on steroids for several weeks may acquire a puffiness to their face that they could live […]

Welcome Into the Loop

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Welcome “Into the Loop” – Lupus LA’s new interactive blog. We are excited to have you here! We will share weekly blog posts throughout the year on various topics about living with lupus. Our goal is to share, inform, inspire, and empower you to help you live your best life! Together, we can share, learn, and […]