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Pregnancy and Lupus

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As an obstetrician I am asked on a daily basis by my Lupus patients if it is safe for them to become pregnant. The majority of the times, my response is “yes”.  However I emphasize the need to prepare well before attempting to become pregnant…. Obstetrics is a team sport and pregnant Lupus patients are […]

The Power of Advocacy

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As part of our patient education conference earlier this year, we moderated an advocacy panel featuring social workers Liz Morasso, LCSW, Juana Mata, CSW, and Jessica Rowshandel, LMSW. To start, they each defined what advocacy means to them. For example, Juana shared that she believes advocacy “means to be a voice not only for myself but for […]

New Year, New Beginnings

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Happy 2017! January is always a great month to reflect and create new goals for the year. Imagine into the future and in December 2017 thinking: Wow, this year was really great! I laughed a lot, experienced a lot, and achieved a lot! The important thing to remember when setting new goals is to take […]