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Asking for Help

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Most of us don’t like to ask for help. The more stressed we feel, the more likely we are say (or feel): “Oh, I’ll just do it myself!” These are generally the reason people think they can’t ask for help: They fear looking “weak.” Asking for help is human. It is not a sign of […]

Travel Tips: Have Pharmacy, Will Travel

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Nowadays, my brain seems to separate my life into two categories: 1) my “old” life (pre-diagnosis) and 2) my “new” life (post-diagnosis). The “old” Alexis tramped through airport security with the rest of humanity, lugging loaded bags and trying to endure fatigue. The “old” Alexis packed too much stuff, struggling to manage it all through […]

Tips for Dealing with Photosensitivity

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As we approach summer, the days are growing longer and warmer, and the sun here in Los Angeles is getting more intense.  While most people long for summer heat, those of us with lupus dread the sun-filled days.  Many people who have lupus deal with a symptom called photosensitivity, or sun sensitivity.  UV rays are […]